A Few Announcements

Apparently the inside of my head now runs like an elementary school principal’s office.

1. Scratch ‘n dent produce is at high bounty early in the day. However, you have to elbow your way through the old ladies speaking in tongues, and the guy who thumps the apples with the side of his index finger.

Why does he do that? They are so not melons.

Owning my identity as part of the daytime scratch n’ dent group is a work in progress, but I’m all about the (relatively) fresh and cheap aspect.

I said fresh and cheap. Heheh.

It’s true. This bonanza set me back about $2.63.

2. This item of blue candification *may* have had its original contents intact when discovered on the subway steps.

Whether said contents *may* have ended up in my mouth cannot be confirmed at this time.

What happens in Queens stays in Queens.

3. Sometimes the joy of feeling the wind on our faces is all-consuming. Particularly when you’re en route to Six Flags.


Proof redux.

You should try it. Screw the hairdo.

4. Upon occasion, Joe is known to make things like this.

Yah. He can stay as long as he wants.

5. The sisters-in-progress make me happy.

See if you can pry a secret out of them. I can’t.

6. Nastja and I recently enjoyed this view from a 22nd-floor window.

We picked out her Manhattan apartment as well. I’m allowed to come visit from time to time.

7. My inner 9-yr-old wants all things Angry Birds.

I so need to make this in my invisible spare time.


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