What We Have Are Stars

A little epiphany struck me last night as I was lamenting the fact that No One Refills The Water Bottles Except Me. I decided that a star chart was absolutely in order, and that the first star should go to me. So it did.

Now, when I stumble across a shoe flopping about, poorly washed dishes, an errant water glass…STAR! Right there, on my chart, thank you very much.

The Latvians were all over this idea.

El nino is particularly motivated, as you can see.

Twenty stars earns a buck. And I have been known to toss out five-star jobs like penny candy from a parade float.

Amount of time this system has been in effect: 22 hours.

Amount of time I sound like it’s been in effect: much longer than that.


I am totally buying myself Something Shiny with my first buck. Maybe if I’m lucky the kids will leave all their shoes out for me to pick up tomorrow.

In other news, we are all settling in and enjoying each other a hearty most of the time. Financially, everything times three (or five) all of a sudden is a bit mind-boggling, but I suspect that my head will wrap itself around that, in time.

The mechanics of five are so entirely different than four. There are little things that you don’t expect. Like the ride home from the airport when the stoopid taxi driver charged us ten bucks over the meter for the fifth person, despite the fact that his Toyota Sienna more than fit all of our butts with room to spare. (Believe it or not, he was the bargain–another driver wanted to charge us fifteen.) What. Ever. Freaking taxi guy.

Mind you, these kids are worth every penny. My heart bursts all over them, daily. I spend concerted time and effort not freaking them out with that.

Boy likes boating. Quite a bit.

We took a little family outing to the Central Park boathouse this afternoon. The weather was perfect, Alosa discovered an affinity for rowing, and Joe and I scored a Latvian-guided tour around the pond (or is it a lake? Yes, I’ve lived in this city for over twenty years. #sosolame).


Quite a few boathouse boys were quite eager to help my new daughter into her rowboat. Ahem.

Perhaps the new facial ‘do will keep the boys at bay. Pun intended.

Gotta go. Spotted two water glasses, one half full. Cha-ching.


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