Yes, Yes, YES!

How do I even put into words news this hugely great?

As of today, we are a family of five! FIVE!

That’s so many! (Okay, I know it’s probably the American average in terms of family size, but to the formerly-three-us, it feels ginormous.)

Two excellent things happened today.

1. Nastja and Alosa told the orphan court today that they are hardy enough to weather my super-sized neuroses would like to travel to the U.S. in continued pursuit of being adopted into our family.

2. Both of their student visas were approved by the America embassy in Riga.

Hot damn. (That’s not a cuss word if I write it in Latvia.)

This is my heart felt like after today’s court hearing, only bigger and splashier.

Never turn down a banister opp, particularly after you’ve made a gargancha life decision.

Yeah. What he did.

Between the orphan court hearing and our embassy interview, we had the additional bonus of visiting Nastja’s school and meeting her teacher and class (completely by her invitation).

Yes, she’s breathtaking. And she’s MINE.

Teacher’s pet.

Joe: “I look like such a geek!”

Julia: “You really do!”

Something a little more tactful and supportive may have been in order. #badwifealert

These are the books she returned today. We have a scholar in our midst.

Julia: “How many people do you know who can say they’ve experienced the inside of a Latvian orphan court–twice–and a real Latvian high school?”

11-yr-old: [shrugs]

Julia: “Um…NOBODY.”

True facts:

1. We strongly suspect we’ve hit the jackpot.

2. Every bit of bizarro struggle we’ve endured to get here? Very freaking worth it.

3. We have three. THREE! And they rock.

They do things like this. They’re a freaking pack.

Required vicarious celebratory activities for each and every one of you:

1. Do a happy dance. Preferably an ungainly one.

2. Drink a cocktail. Preferably one of generous proportion.

3. Eat a cookie. Or three. Or FIVE.

You! Now!




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