Keeping Busy

With two teenagers and a teen aspirant in our midst, we’re walking the fine/finer/finest line between up time and down time.

Here’s what some of that looks like.

Nobody loves the bus (except me).

But it generally takes us someplace a little bit excellent.

If el nino can climb the freakishly large web…

Apparently so can la nina and me.

(It was approximately 58 bajillion feet off the ground up there. The kids will concur.)

Sometimes we fly at a safeishly low range. It’s cool.

Because anything done at the beach is automatically cooler than the same thing done elsewhere. Sitting, for instance.

Passerby, you smiled so pretty for my camera. Paldies!

What is UP with this pseudo-olive complexion I’ve developed? I will blame it on childbirth. And also my husband for glowing so smugly pink in contrast.

You, too wish for a chipped newsprint manicure? We can share our secret recipe, for a price.

(You may, however, find yourself wishing for the above souvenir ring. The amber jewelry options here are breathtaking.)

Magic Schoolbus, please to take us to the giant Lido restaurant of our dreams.

(Well, *my* dreams.)

Thank you, Magic Schoolbus, for this table groaning with Latvian awesomeness in the form of fried meats and strawberry fluff.

Lido makes everyone smile.

Can we just live forever at Lido?


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