Serenity Now

It’s wonderful and strange to be back together as a big family.

I am struck by how hugely the ignorance-is-bliss factor played last year, when we attempted this the first time. I honestly had no idea that adoptions could still fall flat at this stage.

This time around, I’m all atwist. And not in a good yogi kind of way.

I really need to freaking relax, but it’s hard to do that, when this feels a little like A Really Important Job Interview (like for the position of President of the World, which I would hate), or A Major Dream Date.

It’s time to start baking, isn’t it?

So here’s a little bit about our first day and a half together.

Yesterday we got to meet the kids’ really wonderful foster mom, who has a small slice of paradise nearly self-sustaining farm about 20 miles from Riga. Think dairy cows (one on the farm, one in the fridge, as the kids informed us), dairy goats, chickens and turkeys, and an expansive garden. Living there has been really therapeutic for the kids, and after seeing it first hand, I can see why they are sad to leave. (Truthfully, I wanted to live there solely from the way they described it to us this summer. Seeing it up close just confirmed what I already knew.)

The orphan court experience was more grueling and much longer than we remembered, but the 11-yr-old got to join us in the room for it, and we had a fabulous translator. If nothing else, I am good at appreciating the little gifties that this crazy journey throws our way.

Still, the I Heart NYwear went over with hearty approval.

So handsome.

So jaundiced. (My painting job, not his.)

Riga’s famous bridge of locks. I so love this city.


Nastja told me a funny story about how once, visiting Riga with friends, she stepped down onto a moss-covered stone to get a better look at the locks and splash, into the drink she went. “The rock was sleazy,” she told me. I knew exactly what she meant.

Homemade pizza: ketchup, pickles, pineapple, cheese. Quite delicious.

I think the Latvian hands that made it were the key ingredient.

Tomorrow we hit the Olympic Sports Center to commence the bouncing and flipping. Alosa wants to practice up on a few parkour moves requiring more than the couch. I’m thinking a little upside-down time might help loosen up the jangled-up pile of nerves that is currently me. Lord, let’s hope so.


3 thoughts on “Serenity Now

  1. Wow–Julie, I had no idea! Have you adopted two, now? Congratulations, and hearty prayers that all works out well. They’re so lucky. 🙂

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