We’re Baaack…

Latvian Adventures, The Sequel has officially commenced. Is this real life?

Doing! Some items *may* have been crossed off without completion, but that cannot be confirmed beyond reasonable doubt.

Please take a moment to investigate the hand ornamentation. Ditto the footwear. I really love airport people watching.

Airplane MicroCoke! Mayor Bloomberg would so approve.

Mmm…mystery meat. Yeah, we ate it. Captive audience and all that.

Much of travel, I have come to realize, is days where all that defines you is which transit vessel you will plant your butt in next, and where/when/what will comprise your next meal. The last two days have been exactly that.

We had a four-hour layover in Helsinki. From what I could tell from the view through the airport window, I could spend about forever in Finland.

Joe: “What kind of coffee do you want?”

He had to ask? Apparently he forgot he’s married to a 12-yr-old boy trapped in a 43-yr-old woman’s body.

Wiener cafe. Heheh.

Both legs of our flight were, thankfully, smooth as glass. It felt like no time passed before we hit Latvian soil.

This one complained about zero percent of the time, even while she was earning this yawn.

Check out the entrance to our apartment, all stealth and tastefully accessorized.

We made a quick trip to the Riga Market to score some buxom lady chocolates for a good friend and fellow adoptive mom.

The woman at the market stand was truly perplexed by my determination to surmount the language barrier and procure one of every color. No lady left behind!

The beet-laden Latvian soup inhalation has also commenced. Check out my sweethearts, jet-lagged within an inch of their lives.

We sleep and sleep now. See you all tomorrow when we stop sleeping long enough to reconnect with the kids.


6 thoughts on “We’re Baaack…

  1. So glad you had a safe trip! Fall in Latvia appears to be absolutely beautiful, based on the gorgeous scenery behind you. Wishing you a happy reunions with the kids!

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