Deja Vu, Fast Forwarded

Enormous changes at the last minute = yuge life news.

The Reader’s Digest version: this summer, we asked Nastja and Alosa to join our family for the long haul, and they said yes. Yesterday morning, we received a referral and invitation to travel to Latvia…for a September 11 court date.

Yeah, that’s not much time.

Six days ago, I had myself convinced that these kids did not actually want to join our family. Call it self protection. There had been some behind-the-scenes confusion that had led me to a solid state of touch-and-go hot hormonal messness, but last Saturday, as I was waiting for my dad to get his hair cut, I happened to check my email to find a message from Nastja, setting the record straight. The kids are on board. Rock that.

Enormous life changes, and some magazines to enjoy while you wait. Thank you, Fun Clips.

Fast forward to yesterday morning: I was sitting at my desk when I received The Email That Every Adoptive Parent Waits For. I truly hadn’t been expecting it, as I’d heard that the Latvian orphan court was closed for vacation. Maybe someone came to work by accident that day (I’ve done that before, actually) and decided to do us a solid. At least that’s the story I’m telling myself.

So the three of us are flying out next Sunday to join the two of them in high hopes of mashing our hearts together into some semblance of family.

Autumn in Latvia. Thank you, Jesus.

Here are some things that need to happen first. Minor details, like student freaking visas. In eight or so days.

11-yr-old (waiting in line for apostille): “When we go to Latvia, will it be like this?” (nebulous dual-hand conductorish waving)

Joe: (perplexed look)

11-yr-old: “Never MIND.” (commences to fume)

Blood-from-a-stone translation: Will our trip consist primarily of waiting in boring lines to hand over wads of money for the privilege of obtaining life-changing-but-really-mundane signatures?

Answer: Not so much. And there’ll be things made with beets.

Did you notice item #9 on the above list? Apparently Jesus saw it too, and flang this out to the curb, just for Nastja.

Jesus is so on it with the gifties. I swear.

Julia, to the cheewawas: “Why are there so many of you? You were all a mistake.”

Jenna: (wags tail jubilantly)

Item #5? Our good friend Lou, who arrived tonight to take Joe to the U.S. Open tomorrow, offered to take these ridiculous, barky-arse mutts back to his home in Pennsylvania for a spell. Um, THANK YOU, we replied.

This might just capture my mood right now. Do you think some Latvian notebook designer ripped the face off the giant legged Kool-Aid pitcher?

Santa left these notebooks behind. I tried to pitch them, but then realized that they are weirdly perfect.

Case in point.

I so love ESL.Some earnest copywriter sweated and sweated until he got to this. Then he went out and bought himself a big beer.

Clearly I’ll be finding more of these.


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