Wind Cakes

Admit it: You’re wishing you lived in my fridge right now because it contains these.

Delish and delisher.

Look! It’s talking to you.

Or perhaps it’s fixing to spew brown goo like Linda Blair in the Exorcist. We really don’t know. Time is our only answer.

That was profound, wasn’t it? In fact, that goo consists of coffee-flavored sweetened condensed milk (possibly only available in Latvia, alas) and shameless amounts of butter.

These little pockets of insanity are called wind cakes. They are named, according to Nastja, because:

  1. They are easy as the wind to make. (True.)
  2. They are light as the wind in your mouth. (Also true.)

We took these cakes to a pool party.

Nastja: “I think they will want us to come back every weekend.”

Julia (swallowing a bite): “I think you’re right.”

Here’s a boy who can make that scooter jump on command. He every time doing.

Boy goals:

  1. Eat lots.
  2. Work out.
  3. Get huge.
  4. Trick out our Prius with spoiler, new hood, sundry accessories to make excellent sports car.

Foster sisters, happily reunited at the pool party.

Girl Goals:

  1. Work on tan.
  2. Watch TV.
  3. Watch more TV.

Mind-blowing amounts of TV are being watched here these days. Truly. You would palpitate if I told you how much.

Jesus is coming. Look sporty.

11-yr-old Goals:

  1. More TV.
  2. Less summer homework.
  3. And a little more TV.

Can’t say I blame her on the homework.

Fact: Even when reunited with foster sister, said host siblings still included my girl.

Points scored with American mom: Scads.

Here’s me with my birthday hot sauce.

Mom Goals:

  1. Roll peacefully through life’s gigunda uncertainties.
  2. Take grown-up vacation.
  3. Maybe get a pedicure.

(Among other things.)

Dad Goals: forthcoming. Pinky swear.

When not watching TV or scootering the sidewalks of New York, these kids are thinking their way through some Major Life Decisions. Any prayers or good wishes sent their way are deeply, deeply appreciated.


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