We’ll Let You Be the Judge

How’s it going with the kids? Tell me what you think.

She every day needing Nastja. 

I think my girl has a new idol. Ditto Bruno. 

Nastja calls the 11-yr-old Lilly. Believe it or not, I like it. But only, only from her mouth.

Boyz of summer. (Alosha is wearing Joe’s undershirt.)

A self-induced wasabi dare.

Both girls are starting fashion camp at FIT on Monday. Today we went to their orientation.

That’s a shirtless steel drum player over yonder on the platform.

That ID office security guard was quite interested in the spelling of her exotic name. Ahem.

Post-orientation wipeout.

I had originally registered all three kids for FIT.

Alosha: “I would rather go to paintball camp. Or sports.”

A new pair of kicks constituted today’s basketball camp orientation.

Kind of proud of myself for navigating Boy World with approximately zero experience. It helped to ask the shoe store guys for guidance. “Are ankle socks still acceptable in teenage basketball world?”

Kind of proud of el nino for rocking this sudoku today.



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