A New York Minute

I am thoroughly enjoying the contents of this boy’s head.

He very much likes this picture of himself and plans to upload it to the Latvian version of Facebook.

This morning as we were packing a lunch for our Statue of Liberty outing, I pulled some bagels out of the freezer. “They are what the policemen eat, no?” he observed.

(Informed, I believe, by the Simpsons.)

Our departure was subsequently delayed due to an extended episode of me clutching the sides of the kitchen counter and howling with laughter.

Regardless of where you are in life, doesn’t this make you want to just go dye the underside of your hair? Talk about a party atop your head.

Unarguably pretty. One of the kids caught this glamour shot, but no one can remember whom.

These kids brought with them many qualities to appreciate, one of which is their patience and open-heartedness. There seems to be a peaceful, easy vibe about them. We’ve never been blessed with that feature in previous hostings.

I looked up from my sudoku to find the three of them sucking the contents of the recycled-from-office-breakfast-tray jelly packets. If that’s not summer, I’m not sure what is.

Julia: “I bet when you were little you liked to climb into really small spaces and hide, didn’t you?”

Alosha: “Yah. We would go up in the tree and eat apples all day.”

Do I detect a hint of a smile here? They come once in awhile.





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